TASTE OF FASHION | EXPO MILANO 2015 UNIFORMS is a project in cooperation with China Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015 and EP, one of the Global Partner of China Pavilion.

This project was inspired by the idea of discovering beauty from different countries and cultures, and was developed into a proposal on making the first photo album of pavilion uniforms in the history of World Expo.

The communication and shooting took place in late August, with 20 pavilions enlisted for their beautifully designed uniforms. The project received warm welcome and kind help from all these pavilions, without which the existence of this photo album would have stayed in dreams. Sincere thanks to the participating pavilions:

The result is beyond anticipation. Despite the original plan of documenting the beautiful uniforms in the Expo, the photos turn out to have include people, whose emotion is delivered through their expressions and actions. Every uniqueness of the cultures could be sensed in the photos, not only from the clothes, but also from the people in them. And the photo album has finally become a collection of memorable moments among all that have happened during the Expo.

It might be a taste, but a special one.

Photographer/Vict Zhang

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